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Comment #1

Comments the Key to Surviving in the Blog World!, by Shanti.

January 29,2011

Shanti,I agree with you on how important comments are. You seem like you’ve been blogging for a while, so I trust that you know more on this world, than I do. I think it’s a great idea to comment on blogs so that, like you said, your name will be out there and people will become interested in who reads their blog.

Comment # 2

Office Love and the Blind, by Megan Getter

February 4, 2011

I agree that the ad will never air on American television without being criticized for its content and the message it implies. I also think it’s very offensive to the people that it wants to help. It looks like the advertising agency wanted to get the important message across in a non-traditional way that will attract positive reactions, but got carried away.

Comment # 3

Big Boss is Watching You, by Melissa Rodriguez

Februray 1, 2011

Yes! Big boss is watching. I think it took people a while to realize they should monitor what they post. It was easier to post whatever came along, but now, like you said, employers Google potential employees .I do think it’s fair to use social media sites to learn about employees. The effort of thinking before posting will pay off in the future, and it could lead to a job.


Comment # 4

BzzAgent  by Michaela Hawley

February 8, 2011

I thought this topic was really interesting. I was unaware of the bzzAgent idea and I think it’s a great one! There probably isn’t a better way to advertise new products than this one. People talk about these things all the time, so it is smart of companies to enter the conversation and get real feedback.


Comment # 5

4 Buzzworthy Video Bloggers Worth Subscribing To by Adam Singer

January 11, 2011

I can definitely see how it takes more preparation to create a video blog than it is to write any other post. Video blogs can be very useful and creative in their content, and I see how it is crucial for the content to be interesting, in order to create an audience. It’s nice to know that there are video blogs out there for different purposes, just like regular blogs.


 Comment # 6

#GettingSlizzered by Lauren Snyder

February 17, 2011

Great example of handling a crisis. This shows that responding quickly to this type of situation, and admitting the mistake, is the right way to handle a faux pas that can happen to anyone in the era of social media. It was smart to use humor, and it definitely worked out for the best.


Comment # 7

You’re Invited: NYC #HAPPO HOUR  by Valerie Merahn Simon

February 17, 2011

This sounds very interesting. What a great opportunity to get to know people you might talk to online, in person. I thought the tips were very helpful and can work in other events just as well. This is an event that could open doors to a lot of people. Any chance it could take place in other cities?

Comment # 8

Good Publicity is Not a Bad Word by Martin Waxman

February 14, 2011

I think that using different words to describe the same thing just to make us look better could hurt us. Social media is helpful in the sense that it lets us get the message across honestly. Great commandments. They are all important and should be implemented not only in the publicity business.

Comment # 9

Is it time to ban voicemail? by Martin Waxman

 March 4, 2011

It’s great to reach someone by phone and speak directly to them, but if you can’t, voicemails are probably not the best way to get them to answer. Most people prefer emails where they can have their specific questions answered and they can also refer back to it. It might just be time to stop leaving voicemails.

Comment # 10

“Snooki’s Wild Ride- America’s # 1 Party Girl by Kayla Cancelmo

March 17, 2011

I think it has gone far enough. Of course only the “interesting” stuff is going to be aired on TV. That’s usually what people want to see, but I do think it’s become too much to watch. This is the first time I’m seeing this cover, but I’m not surprised. I haven’t read the article, but if she doesn’t like what she’s seeing, why not do something about it?


 Comment # 11

Social Media Research And privacy: Where Do You Stand? by Tom Webster


I never realized so much information can be found on a person. Obviously anything on the web is public, but there needs to be a line. If you are posting something on the web, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you want everything else that was ever linked to you made public. For example, health issues or things that are usually considered private.

Comment # 12

Social Media Has Changed: Are You Ready? by Ruth M. Shipley

March 7, 2011

Social media is changing all the time. It can therefore be difficult to follow everything and keep up with it. Thanks for mentioning those recent changes. I was unaware of some of them. It’s great that there are conferences that are targeted to help businesses use social media and understand it.

comment # 13

Bring Back a Little Discretion by Martin Waxman

March 7, 2011

I agree with you Martin. With social media we can share whatever we choose to, but we can sometimes forget that there is no need to share everything online. I was unaware of the sites you mentioned and I know I will never be interested in this type of information. I don’t see how it is social, it only prevents you from some privacy.

Comment # 14

Swearing and Social Media by Marie V-B

March 4, 2011

I think there is no real need to swear when you are representing a company or a brand. It is controversial so it may be better to avoid it .Most of the time, swearing gets attention because it is so unexpected On the other hand, I can see how maybe using initials is not as bad and some people are going to like it if it shows passion.

 Comment # 15

Learning Through Visual-NoteTaking by Gini Dietrich

March 16,2011

I like this a lot. It’s easier to remember the things you took notes on when you have a visual aid. It makes the note-taking process fun and worth sharing with others. Notes like this could maybe even be given to anyone who attends SXSW. I’ll definitely be looking for notes that use drawings

Comment #16

3 tips for landing a PR job in the Big Apple by Meg

April 17, 201

Great post! This is very useful for students as well. As a student looking for an internship, I will definitely keep these tips in mind when interviewing. I understand that public relations is different, so the approach to a job search will be somewhat different as well. I know that following up is important, but it is hard to know if you’re doing too much.

Comment # 17

Sharing is Caring by Melissa Rodriguez

March 21, 2011

Great post! I have only recently learned of this social bookmarking opportunity and I can see how important it is, especially for school. It saves you a lot of research time for some things and helps you come up with other ideas. I will definitely have to follow your links, I know they’ll entertain me!

Comment # 18

 CrunchisCalling Has People Talking by Alexa Gardner

February 8, 2011

 Great post! I agree that this is a great strategy. Not all is Wheat Thins energizing its product and using social media, it really shows it cares about its customers, and it’s interested in listening. It definitely helps shape the way people look at Wheat Thins now and the way it communicates with its customers.

Comment # 19

Going Viral by Erin MacDonough

April 15, 2011

Erin, you’re right, videos with cute kids are usually the funniest! The same goes for animals. If an animal acts strange or does something funny, the video is almost a guaranteed hit. I also agree that in order for videos to be successful, they have to be relatable to the people who watch them.

Comment # 20

Rocking them Tweets by Mary Ann

April 19, 2011

I think twitter is a great communications tool, but I know that if I was in the audience, I would  have liked him to focus on the concert itself, rather than tweet during it. Maybe if there is a cellphone that will tweet the concert automatically then everyone will be able to experience it and enjoy it

Comment # 21

You’re Doing It Wrong  by Nathan Burgess

March 31, 2011

I am new to twitter, so I’m still trying to figure it out. This list was helpful in understanding what not do to, and how to utilize twitter to my advantage. I think twitter is so different than other social media sites, so that’s why some people still don’t use it the way they should.

Comment # 22

Twitter Royalty:How to Land an Internship at Glamour and Fashion Week Tickets to Herve Leger ( or Something Like That) by PR Coutoure

March 8, 2011

Great tips! This is very helpful, as well as inspiring for me as  a PR student. Twitter is a great communication tool and I would like to use it to my advantage. This post is an example of how twitter  can help in different ways when used right. I will definitely  implement these tips. Thank you!

Comment # 23

People Should do their homework! by Nicole Long

April 21, 2011

Nicole, I agree with you;people should always research before pitching a campaign. Research shows the company you care enough to learn about them, and it helps you learn things that might help you in the future. Assuming  something ,instead of looking things up and making sure you have all the information, is never a good idea. Great post.

Comment # 24

The web is the most common place to complain by Kullin

February 7, 2011

This isn’t surprising at all, as social media sites are used by so many people. It  is easier to complain online and expect a fast response, so companies have to pay attention, listen, and act fast. Companies should always be aware of what’s being said, and make sure they utilize social media to their customers’ advantage.

Comment # 25

War of the Widgets, Battle  of the Badge by Melissa Rodriguez

April 7, 2011 

Great ideas! I didn’t know much about widgets and badges, so this post was very informative! Widgets are a great way to save time and share things with others. I think it’ll be interesting to see, like you mentioned, how Greeks use it during recruitment as well as to promote themselves.


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Topic of the week # 2 – why are blog comments so important?

Blog comments are an integral part of a blog. They provide feedback. How else would you know what your readers think of your blog? They start a conversation between the blog author and the reader, allowing the author  to know what his or her readers like, and what they would like to know more about. I also think that the first blog comment is exciting; the first time you realize someone else is actually reading your blog is a rush. Yes! Someone’s interested in what I have to say. Isn’t that what blogs are all about? Sharing your thoughts with others and listening to what they have to say, is why people blog. Now, I have only written one blog, and it was for a class. We had to blog about whatever we wanted to, while commenting on different  posts. So here’s what I learned on how to comment on people’s blog:

  1.   Be Kind – I mean, you are obviously not always going to agree with what others have to say. The whole idea of comments is  to engage in conversation, but, that doesn’t mean you can’t  say what you want to say in a nice way. A lot of other people are going to see what you wrote, so try to be nice as far as the way you comment.
  2.    Ask Questions– This way more people will want to comment on your comment. This can be an opportunity to show the author different aspects of the topic he or she mentioned, and ask for their opinion.
  3.    Be Specific– Say what you agree with or disagree with, and explain why. Don’t just say “ I totally agree with everything you just said!” This is nice to know, but it does not tell the author much about what you have to say about the topic.

  Even though blog comments are obviously important, not everyone takes the time to comment on posts.

Well, this is all I have for now. Any comments?

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I use social media sites every day, just like everyone else does. The one I use the most is Skype. I have it on my phone, my laptop, and my iPad, so I’m always online. Being far from home, Skype is the easiest way for me to make long-distance calls to my family and friends. One of the things I like most about Skype( aside from the fact that it’s free), is that it lists the local time for the person you are talking to. The time difference is always an issue, so knowing what time it is back home before I make a call is great.

Another social media site I use is Facebook. This is the best way to keep in touch with friends, share pictures, and know what everyone’s up to. I don’t use it a lot, though. I sign in maybe once a day. Like I said, I use Skype more often.

 Twitter  is not a site that I use. I just think it’s too much for me at the moment, but I know at some point (like, maybe next week?) I’ll have to open up an account. I’m a Communications major, and it’s a way of communicating with potential employers.

The last social media site I use is YouTube. I use it to watch funny videos, listen to music, and even for school related stuff.

So, I know, I don’t use a lot of social media sites, but the few I use, I use wisely.

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