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Rebuilding a brand’s reputation after a crisis is hard. People need to see that the company is making an effort to change the things that were wrong. This is even harder when a huge crisis happens, like that Toyota faced last year. Toyota has since been working on rebuilding its respected brand through social media. According to Ragan Communication, Toyota has been using Facebook, Digg, and twitter to rebuild its name, and respond to criticism. Toyota used social media to update consumers who were not sure what do with their car. It directed car-owners to a micro-site that allowed it to inform the public. Toyota used loyal customers’ responses to promote it.  Social media allowed the company to connect with its customers and listen to concerns while providing important information.


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Do you like the Old Spice commercials? I think they are creative and different from other commercials we  see all the time. Here’s a new one that will surely catch some people’s attention. It is similar to the other Old Spice commercials because it is fast-moving, and the scenery changes as the Spokesman walks and talks about his need for Old Spice. It is, however, quite different. This spokesperson endures a lot, and I certainly did not expect him to end up looking the way he does at the end.  I can see how it is supposed to demonstrate the importance of the great odor of the brand, but I think it is a little strange, even though it is very light-hearted. For now, it will only air outside of the US.


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Sometimes you think you know everything there is to know about other countries.  Ad Week found a great example of an ad that disproves just that, and called it Ad of the Day. It  will make you think twice about what other countries offer tourists, or at least make you think of  the country of Switzerland in a whole different way. People know the country for its beautiful mountains and scenic nature, but how many people think of museums, shopping, or just having a good time in the city? This commercial shows that Switzerland can give you all of those things, and more. It  shows two farmers who take a trip to the city to experience it, while a yodel song, a typical Swiss song, is playing in the background. By the way, the men are actually local farmers.  

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An everyday car?

 Porsche is coming up with a new campaign that gives a different perspective to their luxury cars. The sports car is now being evaluated as an everyday car. There is no doubt that the Porsche can do everything shown in the commercial and more, but is this really what the meaning of owning this car is? I always thought car companies that sell these kinds of cars will stay away from the ” everyday” definition, because these cars are a novelty. Potential buyers can buy every car they want but they  choose Porsche because it is unique. I understand the campaign can increase sales if people think of buying the Porsche but are not sure about  it, but it seems strange that the commercial uses the word “everyday” because Porsche is not priced at an everyday price.

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“Like” this?

Like the facebook “like ”? Now you can use it everywhere! New,unofficial stickers will allow you to like all things around you! See something you like on the way to work? Put the “like” sticker on to leave your mark! I guess it was only a matter of time before something similar to this came along. The “like” button is so talked-about it’s hard to imagine how people expressed positive feelings before it became so popular.It looks exciting, but I don’t know if they will work in the best way possible in everyday life; what if people start putting the stickers everywhere ? We could get tired out of it, and think how hard it will be to take them off your pet? Your car?

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Have you seen this video? It got over one million hits in a few days. It was actually a video that was made by two people who work at a marketing agency to promote the new Bradley Cooper movie, Limitless.

 I thought this video was interesting and was not sure if it was real at first. When I learned it wasn’t, and was only created to promote a movie, I liked the idea.The marketing strategy used in producing this video is clever: creating a video that will go viral is a clever way of breaking through the ad clutter. This is something no one would expect, because many of us watch YouTube videos that go viral.

In the following video, the guy says he did this because he took the pill that is main focus of Limitless.

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Looking for some Girl Scouts cookies? Now there is an app for that! No cash? The Girl Scouts are now using credit card readers!

The Girl Scouts of Ohio and San Francisco Imperial Council are now using credit card readers to sell their cookies. This is a great opportunity for the Girl Scouts to learn about the business aspects of sales. At the same time they are using social media to sell their cookies. This is done in a responsible way -a Girl Scout can use her Facebook page to sell cookies, and if she’s younger than 13-her parent’s. With this free app, customers in various parts of the country can find their way to the Girl Scouts cookies.

 What a great way to inspire young girls to learn even more about entrepreneurship. For now the effectiveness of incorporating the card readers in their sales is still tested, but it looks like customers are impressed with it.  I think it’s a good idea not to be limited to cash and checks in sales, so this can potentially work out for the best for the Girl Scouts.

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